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TRUGLO FIBER-OPTIC PRO - sportowe światłowodowe przyrządy celownicze do pistoletów (zestaw)

  • Model Broni
399,00 zł

TRUGLO FIBER-OPTIC PRO - sportowe światłowodowe przyrządy celownicze do pistoletów (zestaw)



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Fiber-Optic Pro Handgun SIghts


FIBER–OPTIC PRO delivers a sight picture that is fast and accurate for competitive and recreational shooters. A patented light reflector focuses available light from all angles onto the fiber for a brighter glow, even in low light conditions.

  • Ultra–bright fiber–optic front sight for fast acquisition
  • Patented light reflector design
  • Blacked–out rear sight for increased contrast
  • Serrated sight faces reduce glare
  • Includes spare fibers and reflector tape
  • Fits standard holsters

Most fiber-optic sights gather light from the top and somewhat from the sides. A patented light reflector in TRUGLO Fiber-Optic PRO sights redirects light onto the entire surface area of the fiber.

Traditionally, the best way to make a fiber-optic brighter has been to make it longer; however, this decreases the sight radius. The reflector design allows light exposure on 360° of the fiber—making it brighter without needing to make the fiber longer.